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Sacred Journeys22 continued...

A Mystical, Magical and Sacred Journey:
"I have just returned from an incredible Sacred Journey - a transformational experience. Never have I been on a trip or vacation
that was so completely perfect as this one! Verbal description of this Sacred Journey does not begin to do it
justice. I would encourage each and every one of you to experience it for yourself."
~ Andrea

Come with us! Now is the time when you must step into your power. Experience the most incredible trip, while enhancing all
areas of your life! Journeys like this lay the groundwork and prepare the conditions for Spiritual Transformation. Breathe in the
sacred wisdom of the ages. Stretch beyond books and seminars. Answer the call!

“What the caterpillar sees as the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”
~ Richard Bach

Metamorphosis! Celebrate the 'death' of an old way of life
and the 'resurrection' into your potential and magnificence!

The search for the essence of nature and Higher States of Consciousness inspired the Paqos (Priest) with a desire to know the world and mankind in all its dimensions and depths. This knowledge, controlled initially by specialists - ancient astronomers and High Priests (Paqos in the Quechua language), became a sacred science, which today is expressed in initiations and the symbolic language of rituals.

The Dalai Lama announced that the 'Spiritual Center' of the planet had shifted from Lhasa, Tibet and the Himalayas to Cusco and Peru. The world has, once again, begun to recognize the Andes as the greatest spiritual center. Awaken to higher levels of consciousness. Experience underground caves, power sites, temples, unprecedented personal growth, past life regressions, healings by native children, workshops, breakthroughs, native shaman rituals and initiations, phenomenal experiences, Aguas Caliente where Shirley MacLaine had her awakening, fun, laughter and more, much more!

    Experience the majesty and esoteric mysteries of Machu Picchu. The ruins are alive with mystical energy. For many millennia Machu Picchu has served as an initiatory center for initiates of advanced esoteric learning. Follow in their foot steps. Tap into that knowledge. Now is the time when ancient knowledge is being revealed to those who are ready.

Open up to pivotal life-changing moments, and memories of being that have hovered just beyond conscious reach. Awaken latent talents and the power of your mind. Travel to the Sacred Valley. Spend time with kindred spirits doing transformational work and initiations. Experience the power and spiritual exhilaration of the ruins and temples of Cusco.
Revel in the greatness of the pyramid ruins of Ollantaytambo and Pachacamac. Reach a higher level of consciousness in the energies of Quenko, the Temple of the Living Light. Explore past lives and reactivate latent talents and abilities. Meditate in sacred temples and power vortexes, 1000s of years old.