Dr. Sharon Forrest is the Founder & Director of Healthways International offering a wide variety of modalities & workshops for healing, personal growth & selfempowerment. As well Dr, Sharon Forrest is co-founder of Casa Hogar Del Sol and Paskay - nonprofit, NGO organizations in Peru with flourishing programs dedicated to providing a chance at life to underprivileged children and adults. Started 25 years ago, all our programs are now run by the 1st children Mama Sharon took under her wing.

Please be informed that the
therapies offered by Sharon
Forrest and Healthways
are not in lieu of medical
attention but as a powerful

Private Sessions are
available in person and
by phone or skype


Lighting the Way to Success
and Fulfillment!


The Enlightened Humanitarians Society, Paskay & Casa Del Sol headquarters are located in Vancouver, B.C. & Ollantaytambo/Cusco, Peru.

Dr. Sharon Forrest is available for interviews, book signings, workshops, and lectures. All proceeds go directly to her Paskay Programs for the Street and impoverished children in the High Andes.


Experience unparalleled opportunities to enhance all areas of your life!

"Change... It has the power to uplift, to heal, stimulate, surprise, open new doors, bring fresh experiences and create excitement in life. Certainly it is worth the risk."--Leo Buscaglia

30 years ago, Dr. Sharon Forrest had debilitating chronic bronchial asthma; was dying of lupus and was
receiving "Last Rites." Today, in her late sixties, Dr. Forrest is vibrantly healthy.

Often called Miracle Lady and Bratty Angel, Dr. Sharon Forrest motivates, empowers and inspires
others to heal all areas of their lives and to realize their dreams.

- Invest in yourself, your future, your career, your total well-being and the well-being of your loved
ones by taking advantage of the various programs, events and opportunities we offer:

- Life Coaching, Retreats, Conferences, Training Seminars, Lectures, Personal Growth
Tours, Sacred Journeys, Hands on Healing


- As Integrated Health Practitioners, we offer multidisciplinary approaches to: Healing - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Holistic Health, Vibrational,


and Energy Medicine, Quantum Healing, Neurobiological Healing, Intentional
Healing, Spiritual Alchemy, Preventive Medicine, Clinical Hypnosis, Spiritual


Psychology, Soul Retrievals, Past life Regressions, and Know
Thyself through Egyptian Numerology

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