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with the dogs salivating and bells ringing - the Conditioned Response? The following looks at this scientific information from a medical and psychological point of view.

Several years ago, Scientist Herbert Spector of the NIH (National Institutes of Health), did the very interesting experiment in which he
took one set of mice and gave them injections of polyacid. Polyacid is a chemical that stimulates the immune system which it did.
Then he had them smell camphor at the same time. After a while, the mice would just smell camphor and it would stimulate and
enhance their immune system. Another example of the conditioned response effect!

He gave another set of mice cyclomosphemite which destroys the immune system and then he had them smell camphor at the
same time. Then they would only smell camphor and it destroyed their immune systems. So, he had an interesting occurrence.
One Group of mice smelled camphor and it stimulated their immune system. The other group of mice smelled camphor and it
destroyed their immune system. Therefore, when you expose one group of mice to pneumocoxide, they get pneumonia and die of it in a few days. If you expose them to carcinogens, they will get cancer and die of it in a few weeks or months. If you do the same thing with the other set of mice, nothing happens. What's the crucial difference between life and death in these mice? The crucial difference is nothing other than the interpretation of the memory of the smell of camphor.

Please note that the crucial difference between life and death can be the interpretation, perception or conditioned response of a memory. The interpretation and perception of an adult, childhood, past-life or womb memory can be the underlying cause of a disease, as was the case of my daughter, Susan's who had multiple sclerosis. Susan's underlying causes were a combination of past-life, womb and early childhood experiences.

What happened? What hidden perception causes a person to act or react the way they do to certain people, places and situations? What are the underlying causes, the hidden agendas? Find them, clear them and almost without exception, the patient totally heals. Miracles healings do happen!

“The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible”
~ Arthur C. Clarke

A new psychology needs to facilitate people in understanding that emotions, whether love and appreciation, or anger and anxiety, *are all energies that have to be accounted for in the human system.*  Accounted for means they come under the laws of

    physics and the law of cause and effect. Each of us personally is accountable for the effects of our emotions and attitudes. Negative emotional energies stack up in the human system, then translate into mental, emotional and physical ailments if not brought into balance. ~ Doc Childre  

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